Subway Tile Quilt


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This collection was inspired by fabric. Ombre or graduated color is very popular in both fashion and home decor so you are starting to see this color style available in quilting fabric which is wonderful. If you had to choose 20 different shades of the same color it would be difficult, luckily it has been done for us and there are fat quarter bundles available in many different ombre color variations. When I saw this fabric I immediately thought, “How can I use these designs in a quilt?” Subway tiles immediately came to mind since they are rectangles and will allow you to blend the colors in a shorter space as opposed to using a square. Once the concept was in place we created 16 different quilted themes and these themes each come in 4 shapes. You can mix the themes together or create an entire quilt using only 1 theme. The end result will be a visually striking quilt.