Picking up where we left off…..

The last time I posted on my blog I was vendoring on Mackinaw Island at the Annual Needlework Seminar.  One of their guest teacher’s was David Taylor.  His art quilts are absolutely stunning pieces of work.  There is quite a process he goes through to create them and I had the opportunity to peak in regularly on his three day workshop that took the ladies’ from their photo to their fabric.
Each student begins with a colored photo that is pre-approved by David prior to the workshop.  He then has you sketch out your photo using lines for movement and shadowing.  Eventually you get to start placing fabrics using a WIDE variety of colors and textures.
David will be back at The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island in May of 2015 to present another series of workshops.  You can bet that I will be checking into that!!  I’m thinking one of my llamas or cows………..

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