Mister Mystic

Recently, many people have told me that I lead a very interesting life.  It’s really not something that one thinks about.  But, I believe one of the things that people are referring to is my small herd of llamas.  They are part of our family and we (my husband, Dave and I) do a lot of things that include them.  Many of you have either met or heard me talk about Mystic, our “baby” from last summer.  Mystic is growing up nicely and, he and I are traveling around the state this summer participating in the show circuit for llamas and alpacas.  This weekend we will be in Big Rapids for a show on Saturday; we are entered in five classes.   
Mystic has had a lot of “firsts” this summer and this photo of he and Dave was taken just after his first bath last weekend.  His bath has to be done a couple weeks prior to the show so that his wool has time to crimp back to its natural state.  He and I have been training intently and I’m hoping for another ribbon this weekend!!

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