Getting Back In Touch!!

It’s been an unacceptably long time since I’ve “blogged”.  I will do better and put it on my “Monday Must Do” schedule!!

I took advantage of a wonderful opportunity this past weekend to spend two entire days of sewing at a retreat hosted by Delphine’s Quilt Shop from Gaylord.  We had a fun, fun time.  All tucked away at a beautiful log cabin near Michawaye Resort.  A huge thanks to our cook, Ann…… She kept us well fed all weekend with wonderfully aromatic and tasty food.  We did lots of snacking, which didn’t do my exercise routine and good, but I’m back to my walking both yesterday and today.  So, hopefully the snacks didn’t cause too much harm!!

THANK YOU Delphine for letting me intrude on your group and do some sewing of my own.  I came away feeling refreshed and definitely well rested.  It was nice to not have to make any decisions other than my fabric choices!!

Unfortunately, I am currently without a camera.  I misplaced my camera at some point last fall and have been trying to find it every since; so far, to no avail.  I did, however, complete a quilt top over the weekend; yes, start to finish.  It isn’t large (approx. 50″ square), but it’s very nice. 

We will be hosting Kim Diehl in March and I will then be traveling with her to vendor at the Great Lakes Heritage Quilt Guild near Lake Orion.  She will be teaching there for the three days following her teaching for us and I was very honored to be asked to vendor at that function.  We are busy working on the kits for those events.  The kits will be available to non participants for all projects after the workshops are complete.  Stay tuned, I will post pictures here on the website at some point. 

I promise I’ll post again soon!!

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