Busy Summer Days!!

Already……. the end of summer.  Just where does the time go??  I’ve been trying to plan ahead for a very busy fall and this has made me neglect the blog posting and web updates.
I did adopt 3 ducks this summer…. they were looking for a retirement home and “I’m it”!!  The duck’s are Indian Runners; not sure of their age.  They came from a woman who uses them to begin the training of her herding dogs; but she decided she needs new, younger ducks.  So, here we are…… with ducks.
Meanwhile, my Banty chickens continue to multiple.  Go figure…. I got rid of my rooster the end of June.  Egg incubation is 21 days.  I had a new batch of chicks hatch yesterday, August 5.  I’m not a math genius however, in my mind this doesn’t really compute?!?!?!?!
We have had the pleasure of meeting a new neighbor and her family this summer.  I’ve had some great conversations and Q&A sessions with Kym.  Below is a great picture that she took of my Dad with one of his “baby” elk, Shrek.  Shrek was bottle fed as a baby when he was abandoned by his mother as the result of a difficult birth.  Shrek was one of two babies that spring that were bottle raised, the second is a female named Fiona.  She also is unusually tame and very much a “pet”. 
I will try to post more often; I know there are many of you who enjoy reading.  We have lots of exciting stuff coming up at the shop so I will do another post tomorrow night to highlight a few of these!!

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