Website Welcome

Welcome to our new website.  We hope that you will find this site to be more informational than our previous website.  I will be keeping this updated myself which I think will be more time efficient. 
I am currently on Mackinaw Island at the Annual Spring Needlework Seminar.  I spent four wonderful days sharing a vendor space with Sue Spargo and her helper, Cathy.  Sue is so “over the top” inspiring!! 
We are staying at the Grand Hotel and are being “spoiled to death”.  I have been blessed to spend the last five evenings sharing time and fabulous dinners with Kim Diehl, Sue Spargo, and Cathy Palmer., along with many new quilting friends that we have met over the weekend. 
We have selected dates for Sue Spargo and Kim Diehl to spend some time with us at Cousin’s Quilt Shop.  The dates selected are not at the same time, but are both in the 2013 calendar year.  As soon as our contracts are in place, I will share with you the dates.  Both designer’s are doing some fabulous new projects and I have been fortunate enough to get a “sneak peek”!!